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Insurance Agency in Clearwater, Florida

Get the complete protection you need from the independent insurance agency of Sicon, LLC DBA Tate Insurance in Clearwater, Florida.

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We're here to take care of you, your family, and all of your insurance needs by getting you the insurance coverage you need at rates you can afford.

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The Sicon, LLC DBA Tate Insurance Advantage
Rest assured that our insurance agency has you covered, affordably.
As an independent insurance agent, we're a small company and not one of those 800-numbers, so we're able to shop all the insurance providers to get you the best rates available.

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Having more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Connie Tate understands the limitations of representing a single company. Connie wanted to be able to offer her customers more options at better rates.

Contact us in Clearwater, Florida, and let our insurance agency get you the best insurance coverage at the lowest rates available.

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Connie Tate, Sicon, LLC DBA Tate Insurance in Clearwater, FL

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About Us
Our customers all have different needs and want options.  As a Trusted Choice Independent insurance agent, we can provide you with those options.  Having been in the insurance business for over twenty years, we have the knowledge and experience to understand your individual needs. 

When you are insured with an agent who only represents one Named Brand company, what can that agent offer as an alternative when they only have one company.  What do you do when the rates skyrocket or they drop your policy?

Give us a call or send us your current policy declaration page and let us get to work.  Do it right away.  What have you got to lose. Call us at 727-210-8990, fax to 253-663-6405, or email to siconllc@gmail.com.